My new life

Mmmmmmm. Breakfast. Yummy.

This must be a familiar sight to many with a chronic illness. But at this point in time I’m lucky that only one of these tablets is synthetic. I have a feeling that I’ve figured out what’s going on at a point in time early enough to be able to recover from this flare up. I also think that now I know what’s going on I can pave the way for an easier life forward. Because here’s the reality. Regardless of the fact that this thing has put me in hospital numerous times over the years and has incapacitated me completely for months at a time I now know what I need to do.

I need to stop before I’m exhausted. I need to load on about half the workload I used to. I need to get high quality sleep most nights. I need to take a break from work to sort through all of this. I need to avoid stress in all it’s forms as best I can.

That means sleeping in a different room to my husband. Managing my work for my clients very carefully (luckily I’m self employed so I can). It means not committing to anything social because I the stress if I have to cancel is too much. It means eating dairy free, gluten free and healthy. It means a new life.

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