What’s helped relieve my Fibromyalgia symptoms

What’s helped

  • Finding the right “team” of healthcare professionals to help
  • Sleep – as much uninterrupted sleep as possible
  • Eating well – avoiding gluten and high fructans foods, reducing dairy significantly (I did give it up completely for a month), reducing carbohydrate intake
  • Vitamin C infusions
  • B12 injection
  • Supplements to boost immunity (Vitamin D, magnesium etc.) – needs will be different for everyone
  • Powder to help with anxiety
  • Friends and family listening and trying to understand
  • Spending time with friends
  • Real sunshine
  • Writing this blog
  • Working – keeping my mind active
  • Netflix for bad days
  • Reading for semi bad days
  • Getting a better understanding of listening to my body as my limitations are much more than I would usually expect and I need to stop before I’m exhausted
  • Potentially stopping taking antidepressants but hard to tell
  • Strong one off painkillers for when the pain is unbearable

What’s hindered

  • Stress – financial, work related, anger or irritation from others – I find it very hard to handle when I’m weak, pressure to make decisions
  • Weather – I feel like barometric pressure rises are when I get major pain and fatigue set backs
  • Germs and illnesses – I’ve picked up everything my daughters have had over winter and it’s 10 times worse for me
  • People telling me what they think I “should” be doing
  • Reading forums or support groups because of the negativity and the fact that so many find themselves in a hopeless situation

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