Since I started this journey I have been overwhelmed with the amount of information about medicines, pills and natural remedies.

I am a natural remedy lover through and through but when the shit hits the fan I’m willing to venture into any medicinal help people recommend to me. I’m also very stubborn though so getting me to take something I don’t want to can be a battle as my Mum and husband both know.

I think at the moment I’ve stumbled onto a medicinal routine that works for me.

About a month ago I stopped taking my anti-depressants. I started taking them about 1.5 years ago now when I wasn’t coping with sleep deprivation with our second daughter. I had a hangover of depression triggered by my first 5 month flare up (which ran alongside severe morning sickness) and my husband and my relationship had hit a sudden major hurdle. The stress was too much for me so I started on them.

I stopped taking the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) with the intention of switching to serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) with the suggestion that the latter might relieve some of the fatigue.

Within days I started to feel more myself and “lighter” mentally. I thought it must just be and started to prepare for the mood decline. But it didn’t come. Then I decided to try without them at all as my Dr said “it’s a trial and error thing and every situation is different. So it might be a matter of finding the right cocktail for me.

I realised that the pain was more crippling than I had admitted too so started taking Lyrica about 9 days ago and I think it’s doing some really great things for me. I’ve been more mobile and active and able to move in the last 2 weeks than for a long, long time!

And the natural sleep-aide tablets I’m taking that taste like lavender – yuck! – seem to be doing something. I’ve just woken up today and had the first solid sleep through for 9 hours than I have in 8 months. It helps that my lovely parents are having sleepovers with the kids once a week.

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