Pacing – is this some sort of cruel joke?? 

Ok, so I’m a parent with a chronic illness. Check out this suggested “pacing” daily timetable. WTF??!! This is like the land of fairytales for any parent trying to keep two crazy energetic toddlers alive, never mind one also dealing with chronic illness. Where’s the pacing timetable for me at??

Recovering from another flare up and I’ve been in bed for 3 days now unable to function or move. During this time light was hurting my eyes and every time I stood up I was so dizzy I had to grab onto walls to get to the toilet or kitchen. And the pain at times was unbearable. I took more pain meds than I usually would I must say and I think they helped me ride it out. But I know the damage they do to my liver and body in other ways so today it’s just nurofen and Panadol and good old Lyrica. 

I had a crazy emotional crash again – I always do when taking a major step back after so much obvious improvement. My poor husband usually cops the brunt of it. I’m pretty sure he’s certain I’m batshit crazy. At times I tend to agree.

So – I’m going to try to create my own pacing routine which will include much more toddler related activity such as being jumped on, breaking up arguments, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and epic tantrums. It’s still all worth the extraordinary hard work even to see one of them smile (and we luckily have two very health and very happy daughters) but there won’t be much energy left for real life household chores like shopping, cooking etc…will have to see how it all falls out…

So I’m back ready to fight another round with Fibromyalgia and this time I have yoga on my side. I have a 3 hour workshop tomorrow to ease neck, shoulder and pain tension and pain so it’s a big first step. I’ve also signed up for a restorative yoga series and a regular yoga session. Now I just have to get there which is harder than it sounds! Wish me luck! 

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