The story behind the blog

I’m no-one special. Just another fibromyalgia victim in a vast sea really.

A few things about me for context

  • I’m a female
  • I’m 30 something
  • I am the mother of two very young children – lights of my life
  • I am self-employed and am in marketing and business
  • I live in Australia

Why I set up this blog

I set up this blog out of frustration and to use it as a therapy tool. Writing calms and centres me. Along with other things like water, meditation, reading, gardening too.

When I realised what I was dealing with and that it’s a lifelong condition I connected with every resource I could find. Blogs, medical articles, books, Facebook groups. etc. Most of what I found in the online communities was less than helpful. Damaging even to someone newly diagnosed looking for some hope.

A little about me

At this point in time I want my identity to remain completely private. My family is dealing with enough. I’ve left commenting on for posts but the only time I can spend on this is the time I choose to dedicate to it. I’m no longer able to be a “yes, can do” person. Now my time and energy is precious and I spend it wisely focusing on my family, friends and my self-care program which changes shape almost daily.

What I want this blog to do

I hope this blog provides some kind of comfort or hope to others out there suffering alongside me. This condition is suffocating, and has sent me to depths of despair I never knew. But I know I’ll “beat” it and I won’t remain at its mercy. I refuse to let it snuff out even one of my life dreams. And I’ve got a lot of them!